What are the proposed sub-themes and how can you contribute?

Participants are invited to contribute academic research papers, reflective practice notes, posters, drawing and sketches, videos and other forms of presentations which could fall into the cognate, thematic categories of:

  1. Social Innovation, Public and Social Good;
  2. Sustainable Economic Development and Growth;
  3. Art and Humanities mediating economic and social transformation;
  4. Technology and Design – Artefact, Process and Information;
  5. Inclusivity and Diversity; and
  6. Global Networks and Cultural Dynamics.
Participants may wish to consider the issues identified under each of these categories as shown in the table below.

Social Innovation, Public and Social Good; Sustainable Economic Development and Growth: Earth and Society Mammon Art and Humanities mediating economic and social transformation
  1. Understanding the role of entrepreneurship for social change;
  2. Public and collective entrepreneurship
  3. Ecosystems of entrepreneurial knowledge creation with citizens;
  1. Small, growing ventures in society;
  2. Social Innovation and sustainable enterprise;
  3. Entrepreneurship and the generation of a moral code for economic and social development;
  4. Transforming and recycling waste to productivity
  1. Creating, curating, and generating new art forms for transformative economic and social outcomes;
  2. Incorporating aesthetics in entrepreneurship policy making;
  3. The entrepreneur as a creative agent
Technology and Design – Artefact, Process, Information Inclusivity and Diversity Global Networks and Cultural Dynamics
  1. Designing public good;
  2. Alternative Finance
  3. Technology, information, data and crowd wisdom;
  1. Gender as entrepreneurial message
  2. The poverty of exclusive entrepreneurship.
  3. Cultural diversity and creative entrepreneurship
  1. Transnational ventures;
  2. Mobile Networks
  3. Globalisation and its entrepreneurial disconnects

This is not an exhaustive list. Contributions that explore new territories of the imagination and the empirics of change are particularly welcome.

Research papers will be considered for the Conference Proceedings and also for Special Issues of selected Journals, including the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Emerging Economies and Industry and Higher Education Journal (both published by Sage).

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