18th International Entrepreneurship Forum Conference

Goa, India

Pre Conference Events , 14 December, 2019

Business Ideas Development Canvas and Workshop Plan –

Template for Business Ideas Development Plan

A. Gap / demand B. Key Resources C. Value propositions D. Customer relationships E. Customer
  1. What problem is your business solving ?
  2. Any new demand being generated ?
  1. Resources needed to deliver the value propositions ?
  1. What compelling things are on offer ?
  1. How will the business interact with its customers ?
  2. Who are the key stakeholders and what form will any interaction take place, and why?
  1. Who is the business’ customer or customers ?
  2. Who are they (define as details as you can) ?
  3. What’s on their mind ?
  4. What are their wants and needs ?
  5. Customer and User of the service / product same ?

F. Cost Structure

  1. Major cost components of the business

G. Revenue Streams

  1. How will the business earn money?

Key Points to note:

  • 'Call for entry': Proposals to cover any one (or combination) of the thematic areas : Art, Design, Technology, Sustainability etc. Delegates can focus on problem statements rather than just themes, for example, 'improving livelihoods of craftspeople; using relevant technologies to scale up sustainable local ventures, access to affordable, sustainable and quality sanitation for all tourists in Goa'.

  • Target Groups: - Students, Innovators; Nascent and prospective entrepreneurs

  • Format: Participants can form team (2-3 heads per idea) and submit idea canvas (see sample template above ) Box A&E to be filled for eligible entries

  • Outcome - completed Idea canvas for all teams

  • Facilitation: Mentor and facilitators will help teams to ideate. Local experts / Government officials / national & international mentors will work with the teams.

  • Rewards: Institutes mobilising 5 or more eligible teams will receive IEF Idea Workshop Plaque.

  • Registration: By confirming in an email to: toureast@banglanatak.com

  • Contact: Mr Suman Mukhopadhay; email: suman_m@banglanatak.com
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