18th IEF 2019 - Pre-Conference Ideas and Design Workshops

Panels and Idea Workshop : For all students intending to be either start or grow new ventures of all kinds. The workshop will be followed by presentations to an evaluation panel of entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers.

Although these workshops will address issues of local interest, other participants from outside India may wish to join for a small fee of UK £25

Details of this workshop will be available from Banglanatak.com

A doctoral workshop will also be considered subject to demand.

Proposed Pre and Post Conference Cultural Tours and Activities (Optional)

(Contact: toureast@banglanatak.com to know more about the tours on offer)
We are arranging an exciting set of pre-conference and post-conference programmes for all who wish to derive the most from studying and exploring creativity in music, art, grassroots enterprise and sustainable and inclusive development.

Pre Conference Post Conference
  1. Dec 11 - Arrival in Kolkata
  2. Dec 12 - Visit Kolkata
  3. Dec 13 - Visit Pingla to see Patachitra, return to Kolkata, night stay at Kolkata
  4. Dec 14 - Visit Joydeb Kenduli to interact with Baul musicians and also see Santiniketan, return to Kolkata, night stay at Tepantar
  5. Dec 15 - To airport to take flight to Goa
  1. Dec 18 - Departure from Goa at 1 pm onwards (there are multiple options), arrival at Kolkata, night stay at hotel
  2. Dec 19 - Visit Kolkata
  3. Dec 20 - Visit Pingla to see Patachitra (Scroll painters' village, who use natural colour) and take train to Purulia Chau Jhumur Festival
  4. Dec 21 - Visit Charida - Chau Mask Makers village and enjoy 9th edition of Chau Jhumur Festival, overnight return train to Kolkata
  5. Dec 22 - Departure from Kolkata

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