The sub-themes of the conference have been arranged to help investigate and develop a critical under- standing of collaborative, international and global entrepreneurship and economic development, policy formulation for entrepreneurial social and economic change and the role and the function of entrepreneurs, enterprises and innovation in a changing world.

We welcome papers that fall in, or are related to, the following sub-themes:

  • Trade and Entrepreneurship;
  • New landscapes of cross-border innovation;
  • Entrepreneurship and Development;
  • Diasporas;
  • Transnational Entrepreneurship;
  • Social Innovation and Social Models for Economic Development;
  • Entrepreneurship as Public Good and Private Gain;
  • Public Policy;
  • Technology;
  • Local and Regional Ecosystems;
  • Relevant Social Impact;
  • Entrepreneurship as a Movement;
  • Entrepreneurship, Freedom and Capabilities;
  • Ecosystems of entrepreneurial transformation;
  • Political entrepreneurship.
  • This is not an exhaustive list and other contributions reflecting the main theme of the conference are also welcome


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