Nuno Guimares da Costa

Dean for faculty and research at ICN Business School

Nuno Guimares da Costa is the dean for faculty and research at ICN Business School. He holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology and a MBA and a MSc in Management from Nova Business School. Before 2004, when he joined academia, Nuno GuimarĂ£es da Costa held several management positions in Portuguese and international firms. His research interests combine the fields of institutionalism, sustainability, managing in emerging economies, business ethics, liminality and identity. Nuno GuimarĂ£es da Costa is now mainly concerned with institutional change for sustainability. He serves as an editor to the International Journal of Education in Ethics and as a Guest Managing Editor for the Journal of Cleaner Production. He has published in Journal of Business Ethics, Organisational Dynamics, Revue de l'Organisation Responsible, Journal of Global Mobility, Culture and Organisation, Revue Internationale de Psychosociologie et de Gestion des Comportements Organisationnels, amongst others. He has also published several chapters in management related books.