17th IEF Conference, 12-14 December, 2018

Local Transportation at Nancy

Trams and Taxis

A. Trams to ICN Business School
Please see below a map showing the directions for the tram route to take you to ICN Business School, the main conference venue, with all the stops.

  • The stop for the ICN CAMPUS is : “CAMPUS ARTEM”
  • All passengers will need a tram ticket before getting in.
  • A simple ticket last 1 hour but you can buy a multiple pass ticket (latter recommended).
  • Tickets may be bought at the tram stop or possibly at your hotel.
  • The tickets cost between 1 Euro (for a single) to 10 Euros for a 10 trip pass.
  • Trams are the recommended means of transport from your hotels to ICN Business School. The journey time is approximately 15 minutes.


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